Our Services

Grow Coffee

We take care of our coffee very seriously by employing an experienced site-dedicated farm manager for the day-to-day and operational logistics needs. ast experience in coffee processing and quality control.
Export Coffee

The company as a whole has a robust operating structure that drives ongoing Quality operations and production goals by having an on-site Quality manager with vast experience in coffee processing and quality control.
Provide Coffee Honey

Its true that coffee is usually sweetened using sugar; but science has proven that its much healthier to take your coffee with honey. We have finished every necessary preparation for coffee flavored honey production, its also known as coffee honey.
Provide Medical Treatment

Coffee Shone Buna is raisingthesocial awareness measurement bar up a notch so that the local communities maybenefit from getting medical treatment at a fair price at the farm's clinic.
Support Farmers

The company genuinely strives to uphold the highest corporate responsibility to the community by taking the lead and initiative in fostering a proactive role in reinvesting some of its profits in tackling the critical social needs that poor farmers living adjacent to the farm are experiencing.
Support Community

We support the community by building and opening an on-site elementary and junior secondary school, that has created educational opportunities where none had previously existed for deprived children, most of whom are from poor rural households, and serving affiliate small coffee growers who are within the vicinity of the Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation.