Operational Analysis & Business Relationships

awash international bank

Financial Resources & Relationships

The Bezuayehu Shone Coffee Plantation's banking relationships include:

  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  • Awash International Bank S.C.
The Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation has firmly established its strategic alliances with other similar private firms, financial, research, and agricultural organizations that are involved in coffee research, financing, production, processing, and marketing. It has created a strong development partnership with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Agricultural Research, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, coffee state farms and the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture, and is currently in the process of establishing a business partnership with Bona's Café based in Canada.

Uncommon to most private farms, the company promotes an inclusive business model that involves partnerships between the farm and small-holder farmers living in the vicinity of the farm. Through this partnership with other coffee growers the farm provides technical support and improved coffee seedlings to the surrounding small-holder farmers and buys their produce at a fair market price, thereby leveraging on competitive volume pricing.