our history

The company managing director, Mrs. Bezuayghu Shone was born in Jimma Citywhich is strategically situated in the heart of the region that is historically knownas one of the major coffee growing areas in Ethiopia. Mrs. Shone is an accountantby profession and is thereby able to provide for the administration of financialand accounting resources to run a fiscally cost-effective and responsiblymanaged, lean, and productive coffee farm. Additionally, Mrs. Shone's husband,Mr. Meheretab W. Selasse maintains the day-to-day management of the farm'soperations, including the logistical allocations of personnel and materials.
In applying these sound business practices Bezuayehu Shone Coffee PlantationPlc. strives to be one of the leading organic coffee exporters in the world.

Vision statement

Forging and pioneering a unique path for the greater involvement of womenagricultural investors in Ethiopia. The company envisions and is committed to aprosperous Ethiopia by being a leading exporter of quality, organic forest coffeeto the world.

Mission Statement

The firm is largely dedicated to providing the highest satisfaction for coffeeconsumers by producing and supplying a first-rate, best quality forest coffee fromthe birthplace of Arabica coffee within the former Kaffa province, and is guidedby the ethics and principles of unwavering quality service and customersatisfaction while keeping a keen focus on environmental and social concerns.