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Bezu Coffee
“More than coffee”
Bezuayehu Shone Coffee Plantation PLC /BSCP/

100% Natural / Sun Dried / Organic Certified Ethiopian Coffee Limu, Ethiopia

Growing under the rain forest canopy located at South west Ethiopia, Limu Woreda Kella Gabissa Kebele (see map). At altitude ranging between 1,700 to 1,900 meters above sea level, average annual rainfall 2,300 mm and the earth sanctifiedwith PH 4 – 4.5/ hectare of red/brown soil, making the location an ideal coffee producing plantation site.




Bezuayehu Shone Coffee Plantation PLC /BSCP/ situated at the heart of Ethiopia’s rainforest founded by a true visionary who is also forging a pioneering,unique and challenging path for greater involvement of women in agriculture sector as an owner and investor in Ethiopia.

Established as a family plantation the company considers the well-being of communities on and surrounding ourplantation, as a paramount focus. BSCPmotto and firm-believe is;“growing together” hence, work with our community;
  • Ø ensuring their labor right is un-compromised
  • Ø devise option, help themselves be stronger economically,
  • Ø Provide opportunity for education
  • Ø Facilitate training, supply tools and recommended needed inputs
  • Ø Support on preventive health education and affordable health care

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"Good IDEAS START With great COFFEE!"

Bezu Coffeeis‘coffee with care’.
If you are looking a reliable coffee Arabica from Ethiopia here is why you should contemplate Bezu Coffee from Bezuayehu Shone Coffee Plantation PLC /BSCP/.
Our coffee;
  • Ø …..time and again got a score grade of 86+ by coffee tasters, roasters and consumers alike,
  • Ø …..traceability is straight forward,
  • Ø ….. organic certified

WINNER of the
Oromiya Investment Bureau FOR
Best PERFORMANCE Award of 2008.
with More Than
30 Years
Of Experience!

Bezuayehu Shone Coffee Plantation Plc - Our Coffee Farm

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Ethiopia coffee
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Business Ventures
Besides coffee, the Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation is undertaking an adaptation trial of different spices with the view to integrate them with coffee production and to identify new opportunities to be able to diversify product representations that will drive an expanded business revenue stream while providing an environmentally sound emphasis on conservation and crop bio-diversity implementation methods.

Diversify & Export
In addition to the coffee nursery at Bezuayehu Shone's plantation, the company regularly exports top specialty natural Limu coffees. We also have other blends to meet the ever growing supply and demand that is created by the diverse needs of a global economy and a consumer driven marketplace.

sidamo coffee

In addition to the coffee we already have at hand, we are looking for in exporting Sidamo Coffee that is washed and of grade 2. This coffee has an exquisite taste of acidity and citrus flavors.

Limu coffee

Known for its amazingly well balanced cup, medium acidity and body with a spicy flavor. We have a washed and of grade 2 Limu coffee available for you now.

Yirgacheffe Coffee

Yirgacheffe Coffee has a well balanced combination of Bright acidity, medium body, marked by Jasmine and lemon flavors to start off your day.. Grade 2 and washed coffee beans are available.

Djimmaha coffee

There is nothing better than charming coffee aroma which flows into your sleepy morning. Djimmaha Coffee has a really beautiful winy after taste. Grade 3- 5 is available for export.

Lekempti Coffee

Lekepti has the best blend of wild fruitiness and an acidity taste when it comes to the coffee. Its one of the best coffees and is available from grade 2 up to 3.
Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation TARGETS
its coffee exports to

Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East and so on.